EFT Tapping Specialized Practitioner Certification

Specialized training in applying EFT/Tapping for your clients experiencing trauma, physical pain or chronic/complex issues


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“Mastery is not a function of genius or talent. It is a function of time and intense focus applied to a particular field of knowledge.”

Robert Greene

Are you ready to become an excellent EFT/Tapping Practitioner with above-average EFT/Tapping skills?

Do you want to stand out and become a specialized EFT/Tapping Practitioner able to efficiently and effortlessly address physical pain, complex and chronic issues as well as any types of trauma?

Already an EFT/tapping practitioner?

Do you want to add specialized skills to your practice so you can better serve your clients? Increase your skills, knowledge, and expertise in the area of physical pain, chronic and complex issues as well as any type of trauma.

Do you dream of serving your clients in the best way possible — being able to go exactly where your clients need you to go — feeling confident in your skills?

Are you ready to witness magic as your clients heal from their traumas, knowing you had a part in their beautiful healing journey?

Say “Yes!” for your future self. Say “Yes!” to the Specialized EFT/Tapping Certification courses. Become an excellent, highly-skilled and specialized EFT Practitioner in trauma, physical pain and chronic/complex issues.

This EFT /Tapping specialized certification program has been designed in such a way that allows EFT/Tapping practitioners to add specialized training to their existing practice.

The program is also well suited for those who are looking to become EFT/Tapping practitioners.  With this training you’ll be prepared to start your practice with specialized training in physical pain and chronic/complex issues, as well as trauma-informed practices and specific techniques to help those dealing with trauma. 

Many years went into developing this program to really support up-and-coming practitioners, and ultimately, their clients.

The program is designed so that, upon completion, you will not only possess a deep understanding of each of the techniques and their purposes, but also navigate with ease and grace through all the EFT Tapping techniques.

The program’s emphasis on healing trauma and complex issues with EFT/Tapping, ensures you’ll have the skills and confidence to help clients who have suffered extremely traumatic events.

With this specialized training, you’ll be well on your path to mastery. You’ll be able to make EFT yours by blending it with your unique style and other modalities you use or are planning to use.

During this specialized Practitioner Certification Program, you will…

Commit to you and your development. 

Already a practitioner? Take only the modules that will uplevel your skills and knowledge to best serve your clients.

Become adept at working with clients who’ve experienced trauma, physical pain, chronic illness, or complex issues such as PTSD, anxiety disorders, fears, phobias, etc. 

Taught in
  • Module 2 “EFT/Tapping for Trauma,” and
  • Module 3 “EFT/Tapping for Physical Pain & Chronic/Complex Issues”

Learn all you need to know to expertly facilitate a session beginning to end — with ease.

Learn how to provide exceptional healing and transformational services.

Taught in
  • Module 1 “The Essentials of EFT/Tapping”

Learn everything you need to be a successful EFT/Tapping Practitioner, attracting and maintaining long-term clients who will refer you to their friends and family.

Taught in
  • Module 1 “The Essentials of EFT/Tapping”

Incorporate all your skills, abilities, and modalities to create unique packages or programs for your clients that only YOU can offer.

Build your practice on your cornerstone values in complete alignment with you and your dreams.


Taught in
  • a special, bonus module for those who take Modules, 1, 2 & 3 to be certified through 5th Ray Healing Academy.

Receive lots of supervised, hands-on, practice time over Zoom, to build mastery of the wide range of EFT Tapping techniques.

All course modules are taught by founder, Sophie St-Pierre.

Maximize your learning in small online groups.

Benefit immensely from monthly one-on-one mentorship calls with Sophie St-Pierre via Zoom.

Ease into becoming an expert with the convenience of taking all module courses online.









The pandemic has shown us that we need trauma-informed and highly-skilled practitioners able to guide clients effectively through a wide variety of issues ranging from common limiting beliefs, fears and phobias to more complex issues like PTSD, physical pain and chronic issues as well as traumatic experiences. 

Why choose a 5th Ray Healing Academy specialized EFT/Tapping certification training with Sophie St-Pierre?

  • Learn all aspects of EFT/Tapping, the science behind its effectiveness and the Energy Mind Body connection. 
  • Take Tapping to the next level, go beyond the ordinary EFT/Tapping training. Stand out with above-average specialized skills and knowledge, focus on physical pain, chronic and complex issues, as well as any type of trauma. 
  • There is no other specialized EFT/Tapping certification training like this one, addressing physical pain, chronic and complex issues and trauma from a leading expert with more than 12 years hands-on experience, working directly with thousands of clients addressing these specific issues.
  • Learn  and experience EFT/Tapping techniques specifically developed to increase results addressing specialized issues such as physical pain, chronic and complex issue and trauma. As well as being able to address whatever your client needs in a session.
  • All the classes are being taught by Sophie herself. She has more than 12 years experience healing trauma with eight of those years specializing in chronic and complex issues.
  • 100% online via Zoom.

Program Overview

This specialized  EFT/Tapping certification training is comprised of three separate certification course modules.

  • Module 1: The Essentials of EFT/Tapping 
  • Module 2: EFT/Tapping for Trauma 
  • Module 3: EFT/Tapping for Physical Pain and Chronic/Complex Issues  

To become a specialized EFT/Tapping Practitioner under the 5th Ray Healing Academy, you will need to complete all three course modules within 16 months of your starting date for the first module.

For all course modules:

  1. We will meet live twice a week over Zoom. 


  1. Course concepts are accessed independently at your own pace, on a student learning platform.  In support of your learning and  certification with 5th Ray Healing Academy, there are more than 200 concept videos across all 3 modules.


  1. The first Zoom meeting each week will be 2.5 hours where Sophie will present the concepts and demonstrate the techniques for that week. 


  1. The second Zoom meeting of the week will be about 2 to 2.5 hours. Sophie will supervise students practicing the techniques of the week with each other. Everyone will have a turn to be the client and the practitioner. 


  1. For the advanced specialized modules (Module 2 and 3) the second session will be broken down into two segments allowing the practitioners to have 45 to 60 minutes with their clients as they practice complex issues techniques or trauma techniques. 


  1. In order to graduate you will need to demonstrate the skills necessary for each of the techniques learned and have watched all the videos and concepts taught in the corresponding modules. 


  1. It is vitally important that students come to the Zoom meetings prepared. That means seeing the demo from the previous meeting and watching the videos that support the concepts for that week. 


  1. Each student will get private one-on-one calls with Sophie. These are to review concepts learned, answer questions and review the logs you submit each month. 


  1. Each student will need to submit session logs (friends and other participants in the program). These logs can also come from actual clients. The session logs will be to practice specific techniques learned so far. Session notes will be scanned and uploaded to the proper folder on the student learning platform. 

“A dream written down with a date becomes a goal.

A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan.

A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.”

Greg S. Reid

Course Curriculum

Module 1

The Essentials of EFT/Tapping

This module is for you if you’re just starting out and want to become a specialized EFT/tapping practitioner under the 5th Ray Healing Academy. This thorough training will give you all that you need to become an excellent practitioner with a deep understanding of EFT/tapping. You will get to thoroughly practice all techniques, over Zoom with immediate mentorship,  so you can flow effortlessly and confidently between all of those techniques. This deep embodiment of the techniques will allow your clients to be highly satisfied with their sessions and healing progress. 

Already a practitioner, this module is for you if want to strengthen your foundation of EFT/Tapping by adding new skills, knowledge, and EFT/Tapping techniques that will support your development, allow you to be able to address issues presented by your clients regardless of what they have been experiencing.  

Module 2

EFT/Tapping for Trauma

This module will give practitioners the ability to skillfully, effectively, and compassionately navigate all types of traumatic experiences their clients have been through anywhere from getting fired to experiencing emotional, physical, or sexual abuse.  There are no “small T trauma” or “Big T trauma! For a client, their brain registered trauma as trauma. Practitioners will get to deeply understand trauma, how to recognize it, how it is created, how it can impact their clients, and how to successfully guide their clients through their healing journey. 

Whether you are an individual becoming a practitioner through the 5th Ray Healing Academy or you are already a practitioner, this intensive trauma course will give you all that you need to provide excellent support, deep healing, and transformation. 

You will get to stand out as an  Advanced EFT/Tapping Practitioner specializing in Trauma.  

Module 3
EFT/Tapping for Physical Pain, Chronic and Complex Issues

This module is for practitioners wanting to skillfully, effectively, and successfully address physical pain and chronic and complex issues using EFT/tapping. This course was designed based on Sophie St-Pierre’s 9 years of specializing in Chronic Illnesses and Complex Issues. 

Whether you are an individual becoming a practitioner through the 5th Ray Healing Academy or you are already a practitioner, you will get to add specialized EFT/tapping techniques, tools, and knowledge specifically created to support clients experiencing physical pain, or living with chronic pain, illnesses or complex issues. 

You will stand out as an Advanced EFT/Tapping Practitioner specializing in physical pain and chronic and complex Issues.

Bonus Module

Building a Strong Business Foundation

This Module is a bonus for those who are taking all three modules for the Practitioner Certification training through the 5th Ray Healing Academy. 

In this module, you will explore the business side of your practice. Knowing your cornerstone values will support you when making potential partnership decisions, networking, marketing, and getting to know your ideal clients while being in complete alignment with your life mission (your soul). This knowledge will save you thousands of dollars in failed partnerships, hiring business coaches who are not in alignment and cannot support you, and much much more.

Take the next step in your practitioner journey.

Specialize in helping people heal trauma, physical pain and chronic/complex issues with EFT/Tapping.

The Next EFT Tapping Practitioner Certification Program

  • Next Program Dates: To Be Announced


Online via Zoom and student learning platform


$5,800 CAD
5 equal monthly instalments of $1,160 (the first instalment upon registering)

say yes to eft tapping practitioner certification training

“Sophie is a beautiful gift from the universe. Her passion for healing shines through in every element of this course. Her passion, caring and commitment to her students to reach their highest version of themselves is evident in every way.   The course is not only about learning EFT to support others in their healing journey, it also brings healing to yourself along the way—bringing you closer to your higher self.”

Angie Howden-Duke, North Vancouver, BC

Advanced EFT/Tapping Practitioner

“Completing my EFT Certification with Sophie well exceeded my expectations! The depth of the program was incredible, the personalized support was like nothing I’ve ever experienced in a course before. And Sophie’s teaching style and knowledge really helped me feel prepared to begin my own tapping practice with confidence and mastery.

Holding the program via Zoom ensured there were very few barriers to attending every class and it honoured my time, allowing me to be super present during our sessions. I was so ready to take my skills and apply them to my business that I easily filled all the spaces I had opened up for clients and seamlessly incorporated tapping into my online programs! Sophie is a gifted practitioner, teacher and mentor. I cannot say enough good things about her practitioner program.”

Laura Parkinson, Vancouver BC

Help more people heal!

Are you serious, passionate and dedicated to thoroughly supporting others through their healing of traumatic experiences, physical pain and chronic/complex issues?

Are you seeking ways to be there for them as they move forward towards feeling whole, and loving who they are and the life they will create as a result of that healing? Then this specialized practitioner training is for you!