Building a Strong Business Foundation

Bonus Module for 5th Ray Healing Academy's certified practitioner candidates


Next Program Date: To Be Announced

Practitioner Training Overview

What you do today can improve all of your tomorrows.”

Ralph Marston

This module is a bonus for those who are taking all three modules for the Practitioner Certification training through the 5th Ray Healing Academy.

In this Bonus module, you will focus on building a strong Business Foundation right from the start, starting with your cornerstone values. You will look at how much you are charging or wanting to charge making sure it is in alignment with your skills, your knowledge, the industry, and your soul.  You will have the opportunity to design a unique healing package that encompasses all your training, all the modalities can offer, and your past experiences and training. 

Building a business, in alignment with your soul, your unique qualities, and your training will ultimately propel success for you, your clients, and your business goals. 


The next Bonus Module: Building a Strong Business Foundation

Next Program Date: To Be Announced


Online via Zoom and student learning platform


Included only for those who take all 3 Modules of 5th Ray Healing Academy’s specialized practitioner certification training


Benefits of taking this Bonus Module

Create or strengthen a clear vision for your business. This will guide all that you do in your business, ensuring that you stay on track and never lose sight of  the goals that are so important to you.


Define and truly understand your target market/audience. This is critical when developing your service offerings and marketing.

Develop unique offers to attract new clients and referrals. Consider bundling products or services in a way that adds more value for your clients.

Maintain your passion for the work you do, feeling confident in your business skills and committed to achieving the results you desire.

Course Curriculum

In this module, you will explore the business side of your practice.

Knowing your cornerstone values will support you when making potential partnership decisions, networking, marketing, and getting to know your ideal clients while being in complete alignment with your life mission (your soul). This knowledge will save you thousands of dollars in failed partnerships, hiring business coaches who are not in alignment and cannot support you, and much much more.

In this Bonus Module, you’ll…

  • Explore all that you are – your skills, abilities, strengths, experiences and unique perspectives PLUS the other modalities you might have accumulated throughout your lifetime. Nobody can do what you do, the way you do it! Just you! Your future clients will be so blessed to have you in their lives sharing all that you are with them.
  • You will have a step-by-step process guiding you through designing your unique selling proposition, allowing you to stand out even more as you get so clear about who you are and what you can offer.
  • You will also get to learn about the best way to use intuitive abilities / psychic skills. When to use it, and how, in order to increase the level of empowerment your clients will walk away with. Intuition and EFT/tapping are used in a specific way.
  • You will also explore ethics, insurance, and much more allowing you to feel safe, supported, and ready to open the doors right upon graduation.

EFT/Tapping technique covered in this Bonus Module

Golden Chord* – designed to

  • get to the root causes of your clients’ limiting beliefs, and
  • start addressing past lives and ancestral trauma.

* exclusive to 5th Ray Healing Academy

Concepts covered in this Bonus Module

  1. Questions to activate the Reticular Activating System (RAS) for your clients
  2. Ideals:  personal, and business
  3. Ideals vs values
  4. Cornerstone values for your business
  5. Additional skills and education defined and incorporated into your business model
  6. Your unique business offers
  7. Intuition
  8. Highly sensitive people (HSP) & Empaths
  9. Tools for HSPs & Empaths
  10. Insurance and Ethics

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“Sophie is a beautiful gift from the universe. Her passion for healing shines through in every element of this course. Her passion, caring and commitment to her students to reach their highest version of themselves is evident in every way.   The course is not only about learning EFT to support others in their healing journey, it also brings healing to yourself along the way—bringing you closer to your higher self.”

Angie Howden-Duke, North Vancouver, BC

Advanced EFT/Tapping Practitioner

“Completing my EFT Certification with Sophie well exceeded my expectations! The depth of the program was incredible, the personalized support was like nothing I’ve ever experienced in a course before. And Sophie’s teaching style and knowledge really helped me feel prepared to begin my own tapping practice with confidence and mastery.

Holding the program via Zoom ensured there were very few barriers to attending every class and it honoured my time, allowing me to be super present during our sessions. I was so ready to take my skills and apply them to my business that I easily filled all the spaces I had opened up for clients and seamlessly incorporated tapping into my online programs! Sophie is a gifted practitioner, teacher and mentor. I cannot say enough good things about her practitioner program.”

Laura Parkinson, Vancouver BC

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