EFT/Tapping for Trauma

Module 2 of 5th Ray Healing Academy's specialized practitioner certification training


Next Program Date: To Be Announced

Practitioner Training Overview

The paradox of trauma is that it has both the power to destroy and the power to transform and resurrect.”

Peter A. Levine

This highly specialized course will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to support clients with any type of trauma they might have experienced anywhere from their childhood all the way to adulthood, from emotional, physical, or sexual trauma connected to war or sociological trauma such as the pandemic we just went through.

With more than 12 years addressing all kinds of trauma from my own life and those of my clients and with more than eight years teaching EFT I have developed unique, tested, and proven techniques, methods, and tools that will give you exactly what you need to expertly support your clients healing trauma and throughout their Healing Journey.


The next Module 2: EFT/Tapping for Trauma

For 10 weeks
Next Program Date: To Be Announced


Online via Zoom and student learning platform


Module 1: The Essentials of EFT/Tapping OR equivalent with another organization (submit completion certificate)


Included in $5,800 CAD (+tax) Specialized Practitioner Training fee

À la Carte
$3,200 CAD (+tax)
5 equal bi-weekly instalments of $640 CAD (+tax)
The first instalment is upon registering.

Upon Completion

You’ll receive a Certificate of Completion for Module 2: EFT/Tapping for Trauma with 5th Ray Healing Academy

Benefits of taking Module 2

Being trauma-informed and being able to successfully support the healing process of a client who has experienced trauma is NOT the same!

Gain trauma-informed knowledge with the concepts shared in this course.

Master how to treat trauma through hands-on training gaining knowledge, and experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime supporting your own healing and transformation as well as your loved ones and clients. 


Be confident in your skills and knowledge of trauma having thoroughly practiced all the necessary EFT/Tapping trauma techniques.

Know exactly how to navigate any Healing Journey from start to finish addressing any type of trauma. 

Be able to communicate clearly with clients about their Healing Journey

Create successful Healing Plans that will increase rapport and trust.


Live learning (via Zoom) with weekly, demo classes of each technique to be learned from the Founder, Sophie St-Pierre.

Practice with fellow students the techniques learned each week – with immediate mentoring, supervision, and support from Sophie. 

Five private, 1-hour, one-on-one mentoring sessions with Sophie scheduled over the 10 weeks


Course Curriculum

In Module 2, you will get to thoroughly practice each of the seven additional EFT/Tapping techniques. 

Mastering these advanced EFT/Tapping techniques, designed to heal and transform issues and problems that originated out of trauma, will allow you to help more people, specifically people who have experienced trauma.

The key to mastery is practice, practice, practice! 

In Module 2, you will…


  • step-by-step EFT/Tapping methods designed specifically to heal and transform issues or problems rooted in trauma,
  • how to navigate between trauma techniques flawlessly while integrating techniques learned in Module 1 or with other organizations, and
  • how to navigate any Healing Journey from start to finish, addressing any type of trauma.


  • practicing trauma-related EFT/Tapping techniques on each other in class, and
  • with deep healing for your own traumatic experiences that are still impacting you today. Apply your first-hand experience with healing and transformation and the transferable knowledge and understanding to your clients.


  • bi-weekly 2.5-hour live course sessions 100% online via zoom,
  • pre-recorded concept videos to deepen your understanding of trauma, and how to treat it effectively,
  • lifetime access to the materials for each module you take, and 50% off the live modules if you want to re-experience the live sessions, and
  • five private, 1-hour, one-on-one mentoring sessions with Sophie during the 10-week course.

All the classes are taught by Sophie St-Pierre herself. She has more than 12 years experience healing trauma with eight of those years specializing in chronic and complex issues.

    EFT/Tapping techniques covered in Module 2

    1. The WELS Method for Trauma*
    2. Corridor technique*
    3. Movie Scene Technique*
    4. Bundling Baggage Technique for Trauma*
    5. Keyword technique for trauma*
    6. Sneaking up on the problem to support trauma*
    7. No content healing*
    8. Reversal Tapping*

    * Techniques improved or developed by the Founder Sophie St-Pierre with more than 12 years of experience working with trauma. Taught exclusively through the 5th Ray Healing Academy.

    Concepts covered in Module 2

    1. What is trauma and how to recognize it
    2. Deeper understanding of trauma* 
    3. UDIN Tapping to heal trauma*
    4. Top-down approach to healing vs the Bottom-up approach to healing*
    5. Memories and trauma*
    6. Symptoms are not the root causes*
    7. Associated and its benefit*
    8. Overly Associated, ways to recognize it, and best techniques to support clients*
    9. Dissociated and its benefits
    10. Totally Dissociated, ways to recognize it, and best technique to support your clients
    11. Thoroughly resistant client, how to overcome it, and technique used
    12. Safety for clients 
    13. Abreaction natural physical reaction experienced by the client, what to do to avoid it or when it happens to safely and effectively support them*
    14. Safety for practitioners
    15. ECC Timeline for trauma*
    16. Testing results for trauma*
    17. The power of scale (formerly Bridging the Gap)*
    18. Victim Triangle and the Power of TED Triangle*
    19. Simple vs complex issues
    20. Tools and concepts that will guarantee success*
    21. Core issues
    22. Reframing – accessing the client’s own wisdom*
    23. Neutralizing secondary gains
    24. Empowered Reframes*
    25. Engaging RAS for your clients*
    26. Multiple sessions to support deep healing of trauma*
    27. Note-taking for multiple sessions*
    28. Effective Healing plan*

    *Concepts developed from 12 years of experience working one-on-one with clients and teaching EFT/Tapping for more than 9 years. Only taught through the 5th Ray Healing Academy.

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    “Sophie is a beautiful gift from the universe. Her passion for healing shines through in every element of this course. Her passion, caring and commitment to her students to reach their highest version of themselves is evident in every way.   The course is not only about learning EFT to support others in their healing journey, it also brings healing to yourself along the way—bringing you closer to your higher self.”

    Angie Howden-Duke, North Vancouver, BC

    Advanced EFT/Tapping Practitioner

    “Completing my EFT Certification with Sophie well exceeded my expectations! The depth of the program was incredible, the personalized support was like nothing I’ve ever experienced in a course before. And Sophie’s teaching style and knowledge really helped me feel prepared to begin my own tapping practice with confidence and mastery.

    Holding the program via Zoom ensured there were very few barriers to attending every class and it honoured my time, allowing me to be super present during our sessions. I was so ready to take my skills and apply them to my business that I easily filled all the spaces I had opened up for clients and seamlessly incorporated tapping into my online programs! Sophie is a gifted practitioner, teacher and mentor. I cannot say enough good things about her practitioner program.”

    Laura Parkinson, Vancouver BC

    Take the next step in your practitioner journey.

    Become specialized in helping people heal trauma with EFT/Tapping.