About Sophie

Master EFT Practitioner & Trainer, Transformational Energy Healer and Lover of People

Hi, I’m Sophie.

I love love love people.

And I love working with my clients. I hold a safe space for them, for as long as needed, so that they can have the courage to be who they are, reconnect with their essence and inner guidance, see all the amazing opportunities available to them, clear past traumas, limiting beliefs and negative patterns and manifest the life they truly desire—by feeling healthier and vibrant.


“Nothing brings me more joy than to be able to guide someone in healing what stops them from having the courage to be themselves in the world, sharing their gifts, and living a life they love love love.”

Sophie St-Pierre

Qualifications & Credentials

I’ve been a specialist in chronic illnesses and complex conditions for over nine years.

But really, my work centres around guiding people to heal traumas and have the courage to be themselves on a daily basis.

My unique 5th Ray Healing Academy approach combines evidence-based modalities such as Advanced EFT/Tapping Techniques, Reiki, as well as Intuitive healing. This unique approach provides the most effective path to guiding people to:

  • Get in touch with who they are at their core, life purpose, goals, and inner guidance so they can manifest a life they love love love, and
  • Guide them towards overcoming complex issues and traumas so they can feel healthy and vibrant.


  • EFT Practitioner, Levels 1 & 2, AAMET now “EFT International” — 2011
  • Advanced EFT Practitioner training, AAMET now  “EFT International” — 2012
  • Usui Reiki Master: Usui Training — 2017
  • Way of the Heart, Levels 2-5 — 2018-19
  • Energy Medicine: Donna Eden and David Feinstein, MindValley Academy — 2020

Leadership in the Healing Community

Part of my mission in business is to give back to the healing community by sharing my knowledge and experience.

  • Lead monthly EFT/Tapping Circle in Burnaby, BC since 2014
  • Founder of 5th Ray Healing Academy in Vancouver, BC
  • Taught EFT/Tapping to Youth BASE Leader through the Frog Hollow Neighborhood House — 2018
  • Taught EFT/Tapping to 250+ high school students at Vancouver Technical Secondary School as part of a Health Fair — 2018
  • Speaker at 2012 Canadian EFT gathering in Vancouver, BC
  • Speaker at 2017 NW Tappers gathering in Seattle, USA
  • Co-facilitator of AAMET Levels 1, 2 & 3 (Practitioner Level) training with Annabel Fisher and Larisse Goldstein, until Annabel Fisher’s retirement

My Story

EFT saved me.

And it gives me tools I use to support the people I love.

I was born with a deep love for people, but I didn’t always have the tools to support them (or myself).

I encountered many situations where people I loved needed help and support—and I wanted to give it to them—but I didn’t know how.

  • My mom was told by her doctor that she had severe stress and panic attacks. He told her to “snap out of it” because it was all in her head. She later developed agoraphobia.
  • My brother was killed and I didn’t know how to support my parents (or myself) in their shock and grief.
  • I was shocked and panicked one day while driving home with my two young boys. There was an ambulance in front of our home and paramedics were inside attending to their father—who thought he was having a heart attack. It turned out to be severe anxiety.
  • During my marriage, I went through a severe depression. I lost myself. I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted. I especially didn’t like who I was becoming.

This work—EFT/Tapping—saved me.

It allowed me to be me and to love the person I am striving to be. It helps me show up as the best version of myself on a daily basis. It gives me the tools to support the people that I love. I don’t have to stand by and watch them suffer, I now know what I can do and how I can help.

For over 15 years, I’ve been on a quest to study and learn the tools and techniques that reduce chaos, overwhelm and stress—and clear past traumas so that we can function at an optimal level. From there we can manifest what we truly desire while showing up as the best version of ourselves on a daily basis.


It’s my mission through my business to use these gifts to:

  • guide people towards healing through my one-on-one healing programs, and
  • pass on these life-changing tools to others through my workshops, programs and courses.

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This group is open to all EFT/Tapping levels from beginner to advanced and EFT practitioners. My intention is to build an amazing, caring and supportive EFT/Tapping community that has the courage to show up, do the work, get connected with their inner guidance, their true self, their soul and their soul purpose.

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