5th Ray Healing Academy

Encouraging You To BE You!

Sophie St-Pierre

Master EFT / Tapping Practitioner & Trainer

Trauma Specialist

Psychic Healing Guide

I really, really, really love people! I hold space for as long as you need it, so you have permission to:

  • be your true self,
  • reconnect with your essence and inner guidance,
  • see all the amazing opportunities available to you,
  • clear past traumas, limiting beliefs and patterns, and
  • manifest the life you desire with a healthy body, mind and spirit.

3 EFT/Tapping Courses

When you want to make changes in your life, in how you’re living life, EFT/Tapping can be a highly effective tool in your toolbox. EFT/Tapping can help heal past experiences, overcome limiting beliefs, and generally help people become the highest version of themselves.

Learn how to use EFT/Tapping to feel more self-empowered with “Gold at Your Fingertips.”

Delve deeper into self-healing with “Light at Your Fingertips.”

And with Practitioner certification, you can create a new business or add this modality to your current healing or wellness-related business.

Live Events on Zoom (FREE)

Live Q&A

Ask your questions to
Sophie St-Pierre, Master EFT Practitioner

March 18th
9:00-10:000am (Pacific Time)

Creating a Deep Connection
with Your Higher Self

with Psychic EFT/Tapping Clearings


March 21st
7:30-8:30pm (Pacific Time)

EFT Tapping Courses

Gold at Your Fingertips

A 6-week Blueprint for a Joyful, Empowered You!

Gain an in-depth understanding of essential elements to not REACT to life, but rather to RESPOND to life feeling empowered, assured of your footing and your inner compass.

You’ll walk away feeling better equipped to get back to center, manage life’s challenges, self-regulate your emotional state, and as a result, be in a position to make better decisions  staying on course to create your beautiful, joyful empowered life. 

New classes starting in March and April. Choose Tuesday evening or Saturday morning group.

Light at Your Fingertips

EFT/Tapping to Heal Inner Wounds & Shine Brightly

Learn to be your own masterful detective, get to the root causes of your limiting beliefs, fears, negative patterns and KNOW what to do to heal and transform those effectively and thoroughly. You will leave feeling empowered, more connected with your inner guidance and be able to share your light with the world.

Next class starts in March exact date TBA

Practitioner Certification

6 Month Program Specializing in Trauma & Complex Issues

Become a Certified EFT/Tapping Practitioner. Get the knowledge and skills necessary to add EFT/Tapping to the healing modalities you offer your clients, or open a new practice. Master all the techniques learned in "Gold at Your Fingertips" and "Light at Your Fingertips," plus advanced techniques to help clients heal trauma & complex issues. Everything you need, in one intensive program, to confidently and successfully support your clients!

Next program To Be Announced

Events & Workshops


The events and workshops support you in having the courage to be you by:

  • reducing stress and anxiety,
  • healing past traumas and limiting beliefs, and
  • reconnecting to your essence and inner wisdom.



ME, the Thriving Empath

A 10-Week, Live Group Transformational Experience

Learn new and proven techniques to live fully as an empathic soul. And discover tools that will help you THRIVE as authentically you!

Next series starts April 12th

Stress Be Gone

A 4-Hour Workshop to Eliminate Stress

Gain a deeper understanding of what stress is and learn practical tools and techniques for managing it.

Transformational Programs


Personalized one-on-one programs addressing the 3 important interconnected elements that create the whole you:

Your Emotional body: your spirit or willpower—especially towards healing

Your Soul body: any traumas your soul has endured and still needs healing from

Your Physical body: the state of your physical health.


Deep Healing

A 5-Session One-on-One Healing Program

Healing from Within

A 12-Week One-on-One Healing Program

A Healing Journey

A 24-Week Personal Healing Program for Chronic/Complex Issues

Working with Sophie was instrumental in helping me reduce my anxiety and has helped me in times of darkness when I thought I would never see the light. I was struggling with so many different areas of my life that it’s truly hard to pin down. I felt depressed, anxious, a lack of confidence, even though I normally am an extremely confident person, suffering from traumas that had occurred in the last couple of years that had debilitated me, felt rejection from the end of a personal relationship, lack of self-worth, and not feeling good enough.

Sophie provided me with tools that have been priceless and have got me through the toughest of times. She has helped me with my business, relationships and how to manage my day-to-day life. When I start to struggle, I think of the tools she taught me like tapping, and I start to step back and relax, knowing that I can get through this. I have her amazing, positive and empowering words circling around in my mind that help me get through my struggles.”

Vivian S., Vancouver BC

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