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We offer events and workshops that will support you in having the courage to be you by reducing stress and anxiety, healing past traumas and limiting beliefs reconnecting to your essence and inner wisdom.

Finding Joy in the Chaos

A 5-Part Workshop Series

Explore how to have JOY at any time, regardless of what is going on in your life or around you.

ME - The Empowered Empath

An 8-Week, Live Group Transformational Experience

Learn new and proven techniques to love being an empathic soul. And discover tools that will help you THRIVE as authentically you!

Next Series: Starts November 22, 2022

Getting to Know EFT/Tapping

A 1-Hour Interactive Online Event

Although EFT/Tapping is simple, it can take time to become familiar with it and use it with ease in everyday life. In this introductory workshop, you'll learn two ways you can use EFT, right away!

Stress Be Gone

A 4-Hour Workshop to Eliminate Stress

Gain a deeper understanding of what stress is and learn practical tools and techniques for managing it.

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