Healing from Within

A 12-Week, One-on-One Program
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“A successful therapy requires harmony of the physical and psychological functions in order to achieve a restoration of the body in its entirety.” 

Dr. Max Gerson, MD

The “Healing from Within” 12-week program is a specialized, one-on-one program that addresses three important, interconnected elements that impact your wellbeing and your life on a deep level. Together, these three elements create you! They are:

The Emotional Body — represents your spirit and willpower towards healing, transformation, and being able to create a life you love love love.

The Soul Body — represents your soul and any traumas your soul has endured that has not healed yet or at all.

The Physical Body — corresponds to the state of your physical health. Emotions and trauma are also held in the body.

The harmony of these three elements is necessary for you to function at an optimal level, feeling healthy and vibrant. They impact all aspects of you and your life on multiple levels.

Your personal “Healing from Within” program will be adapted as we go, to reflect your specific needs using every modality I have learned and mastered over the past nine years.

By healing the Emotional and Soul body, through EFT/Tapping and Intuitive EFT, you will:

  • Create space in your mind by stopping the monkey mind (thoughts coming over and over like a broken record),
  • Feel more at peace within yourself,
  • Create more calmness in your mind,
  • Increase your clarity and vitality,
  • Be more in tuned with what works for you towards your own healing and transformation and what doesn’t work for you,
  • Release negative experiences that have contributed to stress and tension in the body creating an unhealthy healing environment, and
  • Healing Soul Traumas still negatively impacting your life and body today.

We will also address the third element, the Physical body right from the beginning. Supporting and restoring the body’s energy system and vitality through intuitive energy healing, as we are supporting the Emotional and Soul body, will complement this program beautifully.


By healing the Physical body, you will:

  • Remove energy blockages stored in the body,
  • Realign your energy systems and chakras,
  • Release physical stress and anxiety which will restore a proper healing environment, and
  • Give you relaxation and calmness of mind.

“I would highly recommend Sophie. She is truly one of a kind with a very unique presence, understanding and compassion which is rare. I cannot say enough positive things about Sophie and how she has changed my life in only a few short months.” 

V.S. - Vancouver, BC

“Sophie has changed my life! Through the healing journey I uncovered my true self. Sophie’s kind gentle yet direct approach guided me to release stored energy in my body from anxiety inducing experiences in my life.

If you are willing to look at your past memories and present situations that no longer serve you, Sophie will guide so you can live a more purposefully, calm and clear future.

Thank you Sophie, I’m so grateful you are in my life. 💕💕”

Angie H.D - Vancouver BC

Where We Start

We begin with an initial assessment of the three elements to see which one needs the most attention, so that we maximize your transformation and healing. After the assessment, we will create a weekly schedule and be in regular contact. When we embark on a healing journey together, you become a priority!


 This “Healing from Within” will support your healing with:

  • A total of 24 hours of healing and transformation with 12 2-hour healing sessions
  • Sessions from the safety of your home via Zoom, Skype, phone or Facebook Messenger (For in-person sessions, please call to discuss as I follow BC Health guidelines around COVID-19 to keep you feeling safe and promote the right healing environment.)
  • Each session will be using the specific modality or modalities that will best suit you, your preferences and your healing needs such as:
    • Reiki,
    • Intuitive Healing,
    • Way of the Heart,
    • EFT/Tapping,
    • Intuitive tapping, and much more.

 You will also receive emails to cement the healing further with:

  • Instructions for how to use each tool we might have discussed during the session so that you can use them for yourself whenever needed and continue the healing momentum.
  • My session notes with any insights or ah-ha moments you experienced. This way you can focus on your healing during the session instead of trying to remember these important details when you are in the middle of it.

 You will receive constant communication and support every step of the way:

  • Unlimited texts (answered within 24 hours)
  • Unlimited email support (answered within 24 hours)

If texting and email is a challenge, we can schedule 30-minute, follow-up phone calls and support in between sessions.



$4,100  entire 12-week, personalized, one-on-one program


6 equal bi-weekly installments of $716 (the first installment upon registering)


“The best investment you can make is in yourself.”

Warren Buffet

Take the Next Step in Your Healing Journey

Together we will bring harmony to the emotional, soul and physical bodies that make you YOU! Prepare to release the negative baggage you have been carrying all your life and embrace more vibrancy and joy in your life. Take the next step towards living and embodying the YOU you envision, the YOU that you will love love love!