EFT/Tapping Live Q&A

Ask Sophie your questions in a live Zoom call

March 18th


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If you’re new to EFT/Tapping (and even if you’re not!), you may have questions, you may not be sure if you’re “doing it right,” you may wonder how it works or who it’s for.

Here’s your chance to ask me directly – in a live, Zoom call.

EFT/Tapping Live Q&A

with Sophie St-Pierre,

Master EFT/Tapping Practitioner & Trainer

FREE, Live 1-hour Event on Zoom

March 18th
9:00-10:00am (Pacific Time)

I Love EFT/Tapping!

I have been using it for 12 years and teaching it for nine of those years. And after all these years, I continue to experience EFT as a beautiful, simple yet powerful technique that can support us in so many beautiful ways.

While EFT/Tapping is simple, understanding how to use EFT, when and in which way is crucial for you to have the best success possible when applying it to your life.

I want to support you by answering your questions so that you get to love love love EFT/Tapping as much as I do!

“I took Sophie’s Gold at Your Fingertips EFT course and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I learned to use tapping to quickly re-center myself in everyday situations, constructive ways to respond when triggered, and most importantly,  I increased my awareness of how my past wounds were limiting my future growth and what I could do to move beyond them.”


Why Attend?

This one hour is really about me supporting you in developing a great relationship with EFT/Tapping. It is about answering questions you may have about the technique, how to apply it to certain situations, clarifying what you have seen on the Internet, YouTube, or even during the recent Tapping World Summit.

Or maybe you watched the replay of my Introduction to EFT/Tapping webinar and have questions about the material covered in that 20 minute presentation.

Regardless of when you started to learn about EFT/Tapping, where you learned about it and how much you know, you are all welcome!


What if I Don’t Have Any Questions?

If you don’t have a question but you are curious about EFT, no worries. Come and listen to the questions from other participants and the answers offered. Maybe it will spark something for you.

If the time permits, I will go over some EFT/Tapping tips or maybe do a little tapping together for you to experience it even more!

Who is it for?

Everyone! Beginners and experts… everyone is welcome!


  • March 18th, 9:00-10:00am (Pacific Time)


Online via Zoom



Let’s Talk EFT!

Bring me your questions about EFT/Tapping. One thing I know for sure, in my 12+ years of practicing EFT/Tapping, is that everyone has questions!