EFT Tapping Specialized Practitioner Certification

Take your EFT expertise to the next level. Learn specialized techniques, deepen your understanding and refine your skills, particularly in the areas of trauma, physical pain and complex issues.
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 Advance Your EFT/Tapping Certification

As a healing professional using EFT/Tapping in your work with clients, you are truly at the forefront of transformative healing.

I invite you to take the next step in your professional development by expanding your knowledge and mastering specialized techniques that address trauma, physical pain and chronic or complex issues.

As a previously certified practitioner looking to advance your skills, I encourage you to uplevel your skills by taking one or more modules in the 5th Ray Healing Academy’s specialized Practitioner Certification Program.

New practitioners take all five of the program modules to become certified. As an experienced and certified EFT practitioner, you may be interested in taking only the modules specific to trauma, pain and chronic/complex issues. You may also take Module 1 if you’d like a refresher to deepen your understanding of EFT/Tapping and its effectiveness. (Currently, Modules 4 & 5 are only available within the whole program.)

The 5 Modules for EFT/Tapping Practitioner Certification with 5th Ray Healing Academy

  • Module1: The Essentials of EFT/Tapping
  • Module 2: EFT/Tapping for Trauma
  • Module 3: EFT/Tapping for Physical Pain and Chronic or Complex Issues
  • Module 4: Resourcing the Client
  • Module 5: Building a Strong Business Foundation

EFT/Tapping has been shown to significantly reduce the psychological distress of PTSD.

In one study, after six weeks 90% of the study participants who received weekly EFT sessions no longer met the criteria for PTSD. 

In the standard care group (who did not receive EFT treatments), only 4% of the participants no longer met the criteria for PTSD – meaning 96% of that group remained clinically diagnosed with PTSD.

Fortunately, after the study they received EFT treatments and experienced results in line with the study’s findings.

Especially notable is that the healing benefit of EFT was still present 6 months after receiving the treatments.

Source: Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease 

During Modules 2 & 3 you will…

Commit to deepening your development as an EFT professional.

Become adept at working with clients who’ve experienced trauma, physical pain, chronic illness, or complex issues such as PTSD, anxiety disorders, fears, phobias, etc. 

Learn all you need to know to expertly facilitate sessions using new EFT/Tapping techniques, and additional healing and transformation concepts.


Maximize your learning in small online groups.

Receive lots of supervised, hands-on, practice-time over Zoom.

Master new EFT/Tapping techniques not taught elsewhere.

Benefit immensely from monthly one-on-one mentorship calls with Sophie St-Pierre via Zoom.

Ease into becoming an expert in guiding clients on their personal journeys, with the convenience of taking all module courses online.

“Mastery is not a function of genius or talent. It is a function of time and intense focus applied to a particular field of knowledge.”

Robert Greene









Why choose Sophie’s specialized training 

Learn all aspects of EFT/Tapping, the science behind its effectiveness and the Energy Mind Body connection. 

Take Tapping to the next level, go beyond the ordinary EFT/Tapping training. Stand out with above-average specialized skills and knowledge, focus on physical pain, chronic and complex issues, as well as any type of trauma. 

There is no other specialized EFT/Tapping certification training like this one, addressing physical pain, chronic and complex issues and trauma from a leading expert with more than 12 years hands-on experience, working directly with thousands of clients addressing these specific issues.

Learn  and experience EFT/Tapping techniques specifically developed to increase results addressing specialized issues such as physical pain, chronic and complex issue and trauma. As well as being able to address whatever your client needs in a session.

All classes are taught by Sophie, sharing more than 12 years experience healing trauma, with eight of those years specializing in chronic and complex issues.

100% online via Zoom and the Thinkific learning platform.

Take a Peek at the Module Curriculums 

This will include a form to download appropriate module curriculum PDFs – choose one or all three. It will take time to create the PDFs so at first I’d rather publish without this section of the page so that the page is live.

Take Your Next Step!

Become specially trained to address trauma, pain and chronic/complex issues with EFT/Tapping.