A 5-Session, One-on-One Healing Program
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“The body is a self-healing organism. So it’s really about clearing things out of the way so the body can heal itself.”

Barbara Brenan

Are you trying to recover from a recent surgery? Are you experiencing stress and anxiety daily? Do you find that you are sore and in pain most of the time? Is your mind always “on” giving you no rest? Are you feeling overwhelmed emotionally and physically?

The Restore program is specifically designed to restore your physical body and nourish your emotional and soul bodies—thus re-establishing a proper healing environment.

    The Restore program will:

    • Support your emotional body by restoring balance and calmness, allowing you to process your emotions in a healthy and supportive way
    • Release physical stress and anxiety which will restore a proper healing environment in your physical body and heal deeper wounds in your emotional and soul bodies
    • Remove energy blockages stored in the body
    • Realign your energy systems and chakras
    • Give you relaxation and calmness of mind

    “Sophie is kind and gentle, and very skilled. She has helped me on several occasions with treatment that immediately relieved chronic back pain. I always feel so refreshed and calm after a session.

    She is very intuitive and was able to identify and release stress I was carrying in my neck and shoulders, and other areas of my body that I had not been aware were tense. Her hands are magic! I highly recommend Sophie’s healing.”

    Tracey M., Vancouver BC

    Where we start

    We begin with an initial assessment and determine where to start your healing and transformation. We also look at the three elements that create you—the Emotional body, the Soul body and the Physical body. We’ll assess which one needs the most attention to maximize your transformation and healing. After the assessment, we will create a weekly schedule and be in regular contact. When we embark on a healing journey together, you become a priority!

    The Restore program will support your healing with:

    • A total of 10 hours of healing and transformation with 5 x 2-hour healing sessions.
    • Sessions from the safety of your home via Zoom, Skype, phone or Facebook Messenger (For in-person sessions, please call to discuss as I follow BC Health guidelines around COVID-19 to keep you feeling safe and promote the right healing environment.)
    • Use of the specific modality or modalities that best suit you, your preferences and your healing needs, such as:
      • EFT/Tapping
      • Intuitive Tapping
      • Reiki
      • Intuitive Healing
      • Way of the Heart
    • You will also receive emails after each session to cement the healing further with
      • Instructions on how to use each tool we might have discussed during the session. You can then use them for yourself whenever needed and continue the healing momentum, and
      • My session notes on any insights or ah-ha moments you experienced. This way you can focus on your healing during the session instead of trying to remember these important details when you are in the middle of it.


    $1,800 for your 5-session one-on-one program
    Special Website Launch fee: $1,600. Save $200. Only until May 30, 2021.
    2 equal installments of $1,000 (the first upon registering, and the second after the third session)

     “Nourishing myself is a joyful experience, and I am worth the time spent on my healing.”

    Louise Hay

    Take the Next Step in Your Healing Journey

    Just as you care for a plant with nutrients and sun, together we will create the optimal environment to support you as you restore your physical body and nourish your emotional and soul bodies. Let’s bring joy to your personal healing. Live as the YOU that you envision, the YOU that you will love, love, love!