Stress Be Gone Workshop

Learn simple, yet powerful, tools and techniques to reduce and manage stress as it comes — right away! Be free, be You-centered and calm.

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Stress is the body’s natural response to a real or perceived threat.

This response is meant to help us get ready for action and out of danger.

The stress most of us face today isn’t something we can fight or run away from. It’s something we need to deal with — and we are bombarded by potential stressors every day.

Having to deal with one or more negative stressors, day after day, will influence your quality of life emotionally, financially and physically. Too much stress can be chronically debilitating, emotionally draining — and will make you ill.

The Stress, Be Gone workshop is specially designed to help you manage and release stress — right away wherever you are.

You will learn and experience proven, simple, yet powerful tools and techniques to help you identify your personal stressors — and how to transform, reduce and clear them.

When you are able to manage what is causing you stress — then clear it and reduce its effect — you have a powerful tool that will change your life.

This workshop is 4 hours and whether it is offered online or in person, by the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  1. Identify which type of stress is mostly yours (there are 4 main types of stress),
  2. Recognize what stress looks like for you, feel like and sound like. This new awareness will help you get out of stress and overwhelm faster!
  3. You will have learned tools and techniques to help you reduce and manage debilitating stress (stress that is constant and chronic).
  4. You will have practiced each of the tools and techniques so that you can walk out with the “knowing” and utmost confidence that you can use that technique right away in your life!
  5. You will learn tools and techniques that you can also use with your children, family members and friends.
  6. You will know how to use “good” stress (Eustress) to support you in reaching your goals.

My intention is that by the end of this workshop you will embody the tools and techniques that resonate with you the most and be able to apply them right away in your life!

You will also receive a PDF workbook that you will use in the workshop with all the exercises, theory, tools and techniques. You will always have these tools available to be used anytime.

Sophie St-Pierre is wonderful—she’s kind and passionate and funny and supportive. There’s so much to learn here!” 

Julia M. Schoennagel

“I highly recommend Sophie’s workshop, as well as her coaching, to everyone who are sick and tired of being affected by either stress, fear or any other roadblock you are facing.  As in Sophie’s own words, she ‘truly loves, loves, loves people,’ and I know now from experience that she will stop at nothing for her clients to have a breakthrough.”

Lise L.

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Learn proven techniques to help manage and release stress. When you can understand and recognize stress right away, and you know how to manage it, you’ll be living in your power!