ME—The Empowered Empath

An 8-Week, Live, Group Transformational Experience

The Next Workshop Series Starts November 22, 2022


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“Being empathic is not a curse, but a natural way of being — THRIVING, loving being you.”

Sophie St-Pierre

Being empathic was hard. I had learned that who I was was wrong and that I was “too emotional,” too much! I can feel people’s energy, their emotions and even their pain in my own body.

For the longest time, being me sucked, being around people was hard most of the time and I would get confused about me and my emotions. “Is what I am feeling mine or someone else’s?” I didn’t even know I could feel other people’s emotions and pain in my body. I thought it was all my stuff!!

So for more than 20 years, I have been on this quest to find ways to love love love me. I have been obsessed with exploring new tools and techniques to love who I am, learn ways to support my empathic body and love feeling!

Come and join me.

Learn new and proven tools and techniques to love being an empathic being, tools to help you feel safe in the world, protect your energy, your emotions, and THRIVE as an empathic soul! And much, much more.

20 Hours of Learning, Healing & Transformation that will Change Your Life Forever!

In this 8-week group healing experience, we will:

  1. Look at what an empath is—the truth about being empathic
  2. Examine why the “label” empath is not supporting you
  3. Explore how can you thrive being an empathic being and LOVE it!
  4. Heal traumatic experiences that made being empathic wrong and painful
  5. Clear and transform limiting beliefs about you and what you are capable of doing
  6. Start building a stronger relationship with your inner compass, your intuition and your higher self
  7. Learn proven tools and techniques to support you, your soul and your body wherever you go!

How it works and what you will get:

  • 8 X 2.5 hours healing and transformative group sessions, either in-person or via Zoom online video calls
  • Small group size to maximise your healing and transformation
  • Course material emailed to you one week prior to each of the sessions for you to think about and journal
  • A special gift mailed to your home address that will support you in your healing and transformational journey
  • Recorded Zoom sessions available to download for you to review and learn from forever (not to be shared with anyone, just for your own healing)

“Love to be you now, like I did.”

Sophie St-Pierre

The Next ME – the Empowered Empath Workshop Series

  • Every Monday evening starting November 22, 2022 for 8* weeks, 7:00pm-9:00pm PST
    (*There will be a break for the holiday season. The 5th class will be December 20th and the 6th class will be January 10th.)


Online via Zoom


$1,111 CAD  

Come and Join Us!

And know that you will be able to shout from the rooftops, “I am ME, the Empowered Empath!”