Light at Your Fingertips

EFT/Tapping to Heal Inner Wounds & Shine Brightly

“As traumatized children we always dreamed that someone would come and save us. We never dreamed that it would, in fact, be ourselves, as adults.”

Alice Little

Are you ready to set your inner child free?

Are you wanting to heal inner wounds, past hurts, or emotional and physical pain?

Are you wanting to welcome life, arms open wide, spine straight, head held high?

Are you ready to soar?

Are you noticing that you keep getting off course and you want to finally reach your goals?

Are you hearing the wishes of your soul, asking you to commit to you?



“Light at Your Fingertips” is a powerful reintroduction to your own inner guidance system.

Over the course of two full days, you’ll gain in-depth knowledge, tools and techniques for successful self-healing of inner wounds, limiting beliefs, and negative past experiences.  You will be given opportunities to dive deep into all the elements necessary for profound self-healing.

You will feel supported to ask questions about the concepts learned and given plenty of time to practice the techniques offered towards deep-self healing.

Ultimately, you will become more connected to your own inner guidance system and empowered to shine your light brightly!

Like Michelle Rosenthal says,

“Trauma creates change you don’t choose. Healing is about creating change you do choose.”


During the 2-day course, you will…

Develop a clearer and more profound understanding towards being in a state of conscious relationship with yourself and with the world allowing you to heal and live fully—feeling alive and radiant.

Learn how to better recognize being in a traumatic state and how to DEEP heal trauma.

We all experience traumatic moments. Knowing what to do is key, so you can get back to center, feeling yourself and making decisions in alignment with you and your life goals.” – Sophie St-Pierre

Start your mastery of the essential elements for effective self-healing.

Feel supported and heard, knowing you are not alone when healing deeper wounds.

Develop skills in the WELS Method for EFT/Tapping, one of the key tools for increasing results towards self-healing.  

Gain lots of practice with immediate one-on-one guidance, as well as group discussion and support. 

Walk away…

  • feeling empowered and ready to welcome unwanted patterns, limiting beliefs and inner wounds,
  • with the knowing and confidence that you CAN heal yourself,
  • with your big picture envisioning for successful self-healing, and
  • with systems to create your best healing plan.

Course Overview

  • Deep understanding of self-healing with inner exploration around:
    • Becoming aware of inner wounds
    • Patterns of behaviour, related to inner wounds, that no longer serve you
  • Self-healing inner wounds requires big-picture visioning and systems to create a healing plan
  • Defining what an inner wound is
  • Knowing the difference between a triggered reaction and an emotional reaction to something, someone, or an event, and
    • the importance and the impact this understanding has on your healing
  • Starting to dive deep and bring to your conscious awareness patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you
  • What do inner wounds look like in your life?
  • How do they affect you, your dreams and your life right now?

Levels of Healing & Self-Healing

Levels of healing and self-healing – why & when

  • Define Surface Healing vs Deep Healing
    • Self-healing 
    • With a practitioner
  • What is the purpose of Surface Healing and Deep Healing
    • When to self-heal
    • When to heal with a practitioner

Levels of healing and self-healing – how to

  • Most effective tools used for Self-Healing vs Deep Healing
  • Used by you: from “Gold at your fingertips,” quick review and additional tools, techniques learned from this course
  • Used by a qualified practitioner

Deep understanding of what big-picture envisioning is, why each step is in place and how it allows you to effectively self-heal

Choosing to Heal Deeply

    Elements of the big-picture envisioning

    • Iceberg model
    • Aspects
    • Presenting problem, issues

    Deep Healing steps for successful self-healing

    Understanding core issues

    Big-picture envisioning tools

    • Sun mapping
    • Mind mapping
    • Table top/legs
    • My brick wall


    What is trauma?

      • How to recognize when you are in a traumatic state or your loved ones are
      • Brief overview of PTSD
      • Safety when working with trauma
        • Self-Healing 
        • Tapping with loved ones
        • Abreaction

        My Healing Plan

          “A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power.” – Brian Tracy

          • A 6-step plan towards successful self-healing
          • Clear, well-defined steps for optimal self-healing results
          • Dive more deeply into the WELS Method for EFT/Tapping 

            Additional Learning, Tools & Techniques

            • “Feeling stuck” tools
              • Breaking state
              • Argument tapping
            • Increasing your skills with emotional and physical changes
              • How this will increase awareness and support your healing
              • Become masterful at recognizing aspects and core issues
            • Limiting beliefs
              • What are they?
              • Types of limiting beliefs
            • Beliefs are not facts
            • Reticular Activating System
            • Tailenders and affirmation
            • EFT/Tapping and affirmation
            • How to use EFT effectively for manifestation
            • To get more awareness about unseen limiting beliefs
            • Tapping on yourself vs mirroring
            • What if Tapping is painful?
            • Borrowing benefit
            • Surrogate tapping
            • Testing results

              Take the next step in your self-healing journey. Reconnect to your inner guidance system with more EFT/Tapping skills, tools & techniques.


              • “Gold at Your Fingertips” or EFT Level 1 (or equivalent) with either 5th Ray Healing Academy or another reputable organization. EFT Practitioners are welcomed (learn to tap for your own self-healing not only with clients).

              Next Class

              • To Be Announced


              Online via Zoom


              $550 CAD (sign up for both Gold at Your Fingertips and Light at  Your Fingertips and save $100)

              Last year I completed Levels 1, 2 and the Practitioner Certification Course at the 5th Ray Healing Academy with Sophie St. Pierre. Sophie is a wonderful instructor, very thorough with the information provided. The courses are very well presented in modules and easy to understand. There is a lot of practice time between students to implement the new skills. Sophie loves her students and she wants them to succeed.

              She goes to great lengths to help and support students with questions about the material. She combines humour with kindness, while asking for accountability from her students. I thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to each week to learn and practice in a very safe environment. If you are interested in learning EFT, I highly recommend considering the 5th Ray Healing Academy.

              Irina Breazu