Light at Your Fingertips

EFT/Tapping to Heal Inner Wounds & Shine Brightly

Next class is September 17-18, 2022

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“Look, here’s the deal, you’re unconsciously focusing on your fear all the time. It is your subconscious that needs to be reprogrammed. By focusing on it for a little bit of time (with EFT), we can get rid of it so it’s not running you.”

Jack Canfield

Deepen and expand on the skills you learned in “Gold at Your Fingertips.”

This course is for those individuals who want to heal and transform deeply and permanently.

With this course you will learn to heal and transform deep inner wounds that are hiding your light! You will learn to be your own masterful detective, get to the root causes of your limiting beliefs, fears, negative patterns and KNOW what to do to heal and transform those effectively and thoroughly. You will leave feeling empowered, more connected with your inner guidance and be able to share your light with the world more and more. We all need you and your gifts!

Each class will have a teaching component, as well as hands on training. Students will be paired to practice the techniques learned and get feedback from the teacher. The same experience will be offered through Zoom via private Zoom rooms. This maximizes the learning outcome so that you can leave the class with a deep “knowing” that you can apply all the techniques confidently and in the right ways.

Course Overview — What You Will Learn

  • Tapping on yourself vs mirroring
  • Surrogate tapping
  • Breaking state
  • Calibration: for yourself and others
  • Finding core issues
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Deepening the WELS method
    • New org skills
    • Deeper understanding around self tapping
    • Iceberg
    • Brick wall
    • Sun map
  • What if statements
  • I wonder – as a stream of consciousness
  • Argument tapping
  • EFT for affirmation
    • Tail enders
    • Yeah buts
  • Shifting aspect
  • EFT and trauma
    • Signs of trauma
  • Testing results – How do you know if memory is healed?
  • Borrowing benefit

    Whether you are an experienced tapper or a beginner, you will leave the class with a thorough understanding of EFT/Tapping and how to use it successfully on a wide range of issues and topics.

    You will have practiced all the techniques taught in the class giving you more hands-on training. By the end of this class, you will be able to add this technique to your own tool box and tap on yourself with confidence and choose to tap with your loved ones.

    You will get lots of supervised practice—including practicing on each other—so you can learn and apply the techniques.

    Tuition includes a manual that will be emailed to you, and you will receive a certificate upon completion of the training.



    • “Gold at Your Fingertips” or EFT Level 1 (or equivalent) with either 5th Ray Healing Academy or another reputable organization. EFT Practitioners are welcomed. 

    Next Class

    • September 17-18, 2022, 9:00am – 4:00pm PDT


    Online via Zoom


    $550 CAD (sign up for both Gold at Your Fingertips and Light at  Your Fingertips and save $100)

    Last year I completed Levels 1, 2 and the Practitioner Certification Course at the 5th Ray of Healing Academy with Sophie St. Pierre. Sophie is a wonderful instructor, very thorough with the information provided. The courses are very well presented in modules and easy to understand. There is a lot of practice time between students to implement the new skills. Sophie loves her students and she wants them to succeed.

    She goes to great lengths to help and support students with questions about the material. She combines humour with kindness, while asking for accountability from her students. I thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to each week to learn and practice in a very safe environment. If you are interested in learning EFT, I highly recommend considering the 5th Ray Healing Academy.

    Irina Breazu

    Come and Join Us!

    Deepen your EFT/Tapping skills allowing you to heal inner wounds, like low self-esteem or limiting beliefs blocking you from reaching your highest potential. Start to heal past trauma, cravings and addictions. And learn how to share these tools with your loved ones by showing up as an example and tapping when you need, or teaching them to use these tools and empower themselves.