Gold at Your Fingertips

A 6-week Blueprint for a Joyful, Empowered You!

“Self-control is strength. Calmness is mastery. You have to get to a point where your mood doesn’t shift based on the insignificant actions of someone else. Don’t allow your emotions to overpower your intelligence.”

Morgan Freeman

Are you dreaming about being able to move through life’s ups and downs with grace and ease?

Are you wanting to stay grounded and secure in who you are, even in a storm?

Are you wanting to feel empowered on any given day and at any time?

Are you wanting to lower stress and anxiety right away, in the moment you need it most?

Are you wanting to live life to its fullest, connecting with your inner light and be more in alignment with your soul? 

Are you wanting to love, love, love life and open up to possibilities?

Do you want to be able to move with the flow of life, feeling fully inspired and guided?

More than a course, “Gold at Your Fingertips” is a blueprint for creating an empowered, joyful life.

This course will give you the blueprint to living a joyful empowered life – all the essential key elements I have witnessed to be nessessary to not REACT to life, but rather RESPOND to life, feeling in alignment, self empowered, assured of your footing and your inner compass. 

Over the course of six evenings, you’ll gain knowledge, profound insights, and tools and techniques you can use right away to address daily stresses that would stear you away from that joyfu,l empowered life.

You’ll walk away feeling better equipped to get back to center, manage life’s challenges, self-regulate your emotional state, and as a result, be in a position to make better decisions, and stay on course to creating your beautiful, joyful empowered life. 

During the 6-week course, you will…

Learn which techniques will support you to quiet your mind, decrease and even stop, negative self-talk.

Know when your body is in a traumatic state, what to do and which techniques will best support your body towards healing.

Connect more deeply with your inner wisdom, your life experiences and your intelligence.

Learn the best EFT/Tapping tools and techniques to self-regulate your emotional ups and down.

Feel empowered to be your best self.

Feel connected, heard, and supported with like-minded individuals.

Be able to stay committed to your development, growth and your light.

Know exactly which tool to use when you are having an emotional response to something, someone or to an event.

Course Overview

You will walk away with a deep understanding of

  • the essential elements to living a joyful, empowered life,
  • the interconnectedness of these elements and their impact to uplevel your life, 
  • how to connect more deeply with your inner wisdom and strength, bringing to the surface a powerful commitment to yourself and an empowered life, and
  • how living life from these essential elements will allow you to make your dreams happen, to thrive and live your life fully while being in complete alingment with your soul.

Other concepts covered:

  • trauma and triggers, how to better identify when it is happening to you or your loved ones. We all experience trauma, let’s get better equipped at healing it, right away, in the moment!
  • the difference between REACTING to life and RESPONDING to life. That knowledge combined with being able to get to a responsive state, with the tools learned in class, will completely transform your life,
  • how to be able to better self-regulate, get back to feeling more like yourself, grounded and in alignment, and
  • sustaining a deeper connection to your soul creating a soul-led life.


  • What is EFT/tapping?
    • Origins
    • How it works
    • What it can be used on
    • What you will experience when using it on yourself
  • Tapping points and the meridians they support
  • How the tapping points can be used in isolation based on the meridian they support
  • Success map to increase the results with tapping in regards to self-healing

EFT/Tapping to Get Back to Center

  • Best tools and techniques to get back to center
  • 4 Tapping points used in isolation and 3 In the Moment Tapping tools
    • Their functions
    • Practice thoroughly so you can start building muscle memory and use them right away

EFT/Tapping for Deep Self-Healing

WELS Method

  • For deep self-healing you will learn the basic steps of the WELS Method for EFT/Tapping — unique to the 5th Ray Healing Academy 
  • Based on eight years of teaching EFT/Tapping. 
  • Created after seeing the struggles of beginners, experienced tappers and professional practitioners towads self-healing their own inner wounds, limiting beliefs, negative experiences, etc. 


  • What is the tool used to measure distress and measure your result?

The Apex effect

  • How it can impact your healing

EFT/Tapping & Grounding

  • Why is grounding really important
  • What does it look like and feel like when you are grounded?
  • What does it look like and feel like if you are not grounded?
  • EFT/Tapping meditation for grounding

Psychic EFT/Tapping

Throughout the course I will use my intuitive skills and psychic healing abilities combined with EFT/Tapping to clear and release negative patterns, points-of-view, negative generational and societal beliefs around:

  • Self-healing
  • Grounding
  • Connecting to your light
  • Adapting the clearing to the group and what is needed for maximum learning and retention of the knowledge, tools and techniques learned and practiced during the 2-day course.

Take the next step in your self-empowerment journey.


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Upcoming Dates

Classes run for 1 evening a week for 2 hours each,  for 6 consecutive weeks:

The dates for the next class are to be announced.

To be notified when the dates are announced, email 


Online via Zoom


$550 CAD (sign up for both Gold at Your Fingertips and Light at Your Fingertips and save $100)

Taking a tapping course with Sophie has been such an amazing experience. Sophie has taught me some amazing techniques to take my healing into my own hands with tapping. She has empowered me to feel confident in my tapping and healing journey. XOXO