EFT / Tapping Courses

“Put away your scepticism, this really works… I’ve had great results with tapping in my own life!”

Dr. Wayne Dyer

EFT/Tapping can help heal past experiences, overcome limiting beliefs, and generally help you to be the highest version of yourself, to name only a few ways EFT/Tapping can support you.

Our modernized version of EFT/Tapping will deliver the results you’re looking for when applying the techniques on yourself. It will enable you to empower your own healing and transformation and that of your loved ones when you decide to dive deeper with Level 2 The Art of EFT/Tapping.

And if EFT/Tapping becomes your passion, just like it is for me, and you feel called to support others, our 5 1/2 month intensive Practitioner program will take you there! Successfully completing the program will enable you to become an EFT/Tapping Certified Practitioner under the 5th Ray Healing Academy.

Each EFT course is specifically designed to maximise the learning of this simple yet powerful modality. Each course has a teaching component, as well as hands on training. Students will be paired to practice the techniques learned and get feedback from the teacher. If the event is online, Zoom provides private Zoom rooms for the same experience of working in pairs. The combination of teaching, practicing and receiving feedback maximizes the learning outcome. The goal is for you to leave the courses with the deep knowing that you can apply all the techniques confidently and in the right ways. The manuals will be emailed prior to the event.

We offer in-person certification courses delivered in Vancouver, BC, as well as world-wide certification courses through Zoom video conference. Zoom technology allows us to offer the same level of hands-on practice in our online program as we do in our in-person program.

All trainings are personally delivered by 5th Ray Healing Academy owner-founder Sophie St-Pierre, a Master EFT/Tapping Trainer and Practitioner.

You will receive a certificate upon successful completion of each training.

“EFT / Tapping offers great healing benefits.”

Deepak Chopra MD

“As Sophie states, she really does love, love, love people and tapping. This shines through with every class, one-to-one, and demonstration she does. As a student from a few provinces away, virtual learning was never an issue and neither was establishing relationships with the other students. Sophie made herself available to answer any question that may have come up during our practice sessions and always provided great feedback and suggestions. The material was well laid out, and made the progression of techniques easy to build on. I took my Level 1 and 2 out of pure curiosity, and because of Sophie’s passion, dedication and enthusiasm I decided to make the next step and become a practitioner myself!”

Melissa Kaytor, BA Psychology

Advanced EFT /Tapping Practitioner

Gold at Your Fingertips

EFT/Tapping for Self-Empowerment

Gain an in-depth understanding of EFT/Tapping and how to apply this healing technique to manage stresses and anxieties, and feel more in control of your life.

Leave the course feeling safe and confident, knowing that you can apply your new EFT/Tapping skills right away in your daily life to reduce stressors and begin healing and transforming negative experiences.

Next Class: September 3-4, 2022

Light at Your Fingertips

EFT/Tapping to Heal Inner Wounds & Shine Brightly

Learn to be your own masterful detective, get to the root causes of your limiting beliefs, fears, negative patterns and KNOW what to do to heal and transform those effectively and thoroughly. You will leave feeling empowered, more connected with your inner guidance and be able to share your light with the world.

Next Class: September 17-18, 2022

Practitioner Certification

5 1/2 Month Program

Become a Certified EFT/Tapping Practitioner. Get the knowledge and skills necessary to add EFT/Tapping to the healing modalities you offer your clients, or open a new practice. Master all the techniques learned in "Gold at Your Fingertips" and "Light at Your Fingertips," as well as advanced trauma techniques. Everything you need, in one intensive program, to confidently and successfully support your clients!

Next Program: Starts September 19, 2022

“Sophie is an amazing teacher! I love her calm and enthusiastic approach. She is very skilled and knowledgeable.”

Pauline McDougall

“Sophie makes learning fun! I’m so happy to have found a trainer in BC so I don’t have to travel to the US for certification.”

Julia Schoennagel

“Sophie is a great teacher and person. She loves people and she is determined to do whatever it takes to see people heal and be free of physical or emotional pain. The courses are well prepared and presented, but also a lot of fun to learn.”

Irina Breazu